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3 Ways to Ensure Your Workout WORKS for YOU!

3 Ways to Ensure Your Workout WORKS for YOU! by Timmie Wanechko - Edmonton Reiki

You know what? I’m all about individualization and customization. I know from research and experience that there really is no one way for anyone to eat or exercise – certain tenets remain the same for the majority of a healthy population, but there are still so many factors to be considered in order for one to reach their own version of optimal health and wellness. Yes or yes?!

Last week, I wrote about making sure your diet/eating plan works for YOU, and today, I’m going to give you my top 3 tips for making sure YOUR workout plan works for YOU.

This is especially relevant for us Sassy Girls, most of whom are busy moms and/or spirited entrepreneurs and/or career junkies! Yes, I’m talking to you 😉 I know that fitness is challenging enough without raising a family and running a household, so I know that this is very touchy territory.

So without further ado, here are the TOP 3 THINGS your workout needs to have in order for it to WORK for YOU: consistencyjoy, and safety.


If you currently do NOT HAVE a regular exercise regime, then I can tell you that it DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU DO, JUST DO SOMETHING. And do it regularly! You won’t see the results right away, but you will likely FEEL the benefits right away. Will you stick with your program long enough to benefit from your hard work?


Please, just enjoy what you’re doing. For example: running, Zumba, and Crossfit are 3 very popular fitness activities that have come under fire, as popular things tend to do. Yes, they are effective at blasting fat and improving fitness, but they come with their risks! There are a world of options out there, find one you LOVE.


Piggybacking off the previous point, whatever you choose to do, do it SAFELY. If you are a beginner, DO THE MODIFIED OPTIONS. If you have diastasis recti or have had a c-section, BE CAREFUL, BE SMART. There’s no use trading in a sedentary lifestyle for a chronic debilitating injury which will only make you even more sedentary.

Do you have a baby attached to your hip? Take a mom and baby class. Find a gym that has child minding, and pre-book and pre-pay for babysitting so you HAVE to show up. I wrote a blog dedicated to helping moms find success in fitness, which I encourage you to read.

If you’re at home, throw in bursts of exercise during downtimes. Forget about changing into your Lulus – just drop and give me 20 of anything! It makes a difference.

Now, just go for it! Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂

Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

This blog post originally appeared on Modern Mama St. Albert. Read the original here.

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