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Being an Everyday Mystic in a Modern World (A Mystic’s Manifesto)

Being an Everyday Mystic in a Modern World by Timmie Wanechko

Mystic: To be mysterious, otherworldly, spiritual. One whose practices belong to the realm that cannot be quantified or explained scientifically.


A true mystic participates fully in the “real” world, the physical world. A mystic is firmly rooted in the reality of life as it is, and neither tries to deny it or skew her perception of it. A mystic knows that the path to grace begins at acceptance, from which she can make decisions based on clarity, and take proper action for the highest good of all.


The mystic knows that the “real” world is not just the physical; that there are things that cannot be seen, heard, or experienced with our physical senses that play a defining role in our everyday reality. The mystic chooses to participate in this place also, which is energetic in nature. Therefore, the mystic uses her intuitive awareness to guide her, and works with energy to take appropriate action.

As above, so below…

The “real” world – the Real World – is both. Our reality is both physical and energetic in nature, and we are all both physical and energetic beings, brought to life by Spirit.

The mystic chooses to have a deep connection with both. The mystic can use her heightened intuition and ability to work with energy to her advantage, for in understanding the energetic nature of things, her practical actions carry more power. However, the mystic is the first to know that she is no exception to karmic law, and consciously sends her energy into the world from a place of pure love and light.

The mystic chooses to be aware of, and to connect to, nature’s rhythms. Whether the mystic formally celebrates seasonal rites is irrelevant, for being a mystic is a way of thinking, rather than a way of acting. True participation happens in the heart.

The mystic knows that in the same way that the position of the Sun, Moon, and planets affects the Earth, so too do they affect everything on Earth, including ourselves. This is liberating, not binding, for the mystic is not a slave to her circumstances. Aligning with planetary energy is simply another tool for connecting with every living thing around her, and maintaining her humility in this vast, ever-expanding Universe.


The mystic knows that the most spiritual thing one can do is to participate fully in one’s life. God is in the details, and enlightenment can be found in the mundane. The mystic is beyond escapism – she knows that her physical body is the holy temple that houses her soul, and one cannot advance without the other.

The mystic knows, deep within her bones, that “there is more to life than this”, and seeks to embrace the spiritual lessons that are part of life’s ebb and flow.

The mystic listens to heart and stands firm in her truth, even if her voice quivers as she speaks it.

The mystic feels a real, tangible connection to all living things – humans, animals, trees, plants, stones…

The mystic is a healer, that is, she heals herself, and knows that nobody else can heal her any more than they can breathe her breaths. The mystic trusts that she is always whole, and that she knows what healing modality will suit her at any given time. The mystic does not engage in dogmatic turf wars, because she knows that all healing, regardless of it’s external form, is an expression of God.

The mystic follows the guidance that comes from within. She is attuned to her emotional guidance system, and truly understands the meaning behind following your bliss…

The mystic knows that joy leads the way…

…And that the ultimate destination, from which we came and to which we shall return, is Love.

Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

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