Bench Review Dresses - Bench Ambassador Timmie Wanechko

{REVIEW} Bench Dresses!

This summer, I decided to update my closet with some new skirts and dresses. I’m a girlie girl by nature, but as a mom of 2 young boys, I tend to veer toward more hardy, chase-friendly clothes like pants and leggings. So now that my littlest is a bit more independent, I can wear dresses a […] Read more…

Bench Tops Review

{REVIEW} Bench Tops!

Bench time! This month, I want to talk about their tops. Bench has a HUGE selection of tops, ranging from fitness and performance wear, to sassy, stylish street wear. Why I Love Them + Why You Will Too I have a number of Bench tops, and here’s what they all have in common (and why I […] Read more…

Bench Hoodies Review

{REVIEW} Bench Hoodies!

I love my Bench hoodies! Even those it’s “summer” around these parts, the weather’s been really erratic, ranging from nice and warm, to freezing cold and hailing, or super windy and raining. I have lots of hoodies, as you can imagine, but these are my first true “performance” hoodies. I wear them mostly as athletic cover-ups/warm-up tops […] Read more…

Bench Baddah Leggings Review

{REVIEW} Bench Baddah Leggings

As you all know by now (through my previous reviews), I am a huge fan of Bench, and I am so happy to share that I am now a Bench Ambassador! Every month throughout this Spring/Summer, I will be bringing you regular product reviews of Bench’s premium, urban lifestyle line. First up, we have the Bench Baddah Leggings! Leggings are my […] Read more…

Bench Inclu Overhead Review

{REVIEW} Bench Inclu Overhead

The Bench Inclu Overhead top is a perfect testament to what Bench is all about: modern, trendy, multipurpose clothing, including activewear, for urban living. I love this top, which I have in black. If I could describe it in only 3 words, they would be: Comfy Casual Stylish It’s sleek, figure-flattering, and definitely multipurpose: I can […] Read more…

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