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Go To Bed a 10, Wake Up a 2…?

Go to Bed a 10, Wake Up a 2...? by Leslie Cole

This is a guest post by Leslie Cole

We’ve all heard it, seen it, and/or experienced it. You go to bed this banging smoky-eyed movie star fit for a computer screen but when the sun rises… “Forehead slap.” And the funny thing is even without makeup you’re far from a “2”! The point is, when your makeup moves 3 inches to the left, you’re going to go down in cool points. So what are some tips to make makeup friendly for all occasions?

Makeup Tips when your schedule includes naps & other things…

Waterproof Mascara & Liner
This goes without saying. Nothing brings out the Courtney Love look like yesterday’s leaking liner. Mascara might flake, liner might fade, but it will not “leak.”

Simple Smokey Eye
Stay away from eye looks that require crisp lines. A “Messy On Purpose” look hides imperfections well while still being flirty. Line your eyes with black eyeshadow and diffuse with brown eyeshadow to create depth and sexiness. This buffed out look will fade well.

Nude Lip Colors
Try and stick with nude colored lipstick. When I say “nude” I don’t mean beige (unless you like it) but what I mean is your original lip color but in a lip stick tube. Define your lips with a natural lip liner for a crisp alluring look then top it off with some lip balm. Leave the bright, opaque red at home because… We all know how that turns out…

Use a Semi-Matte or Luminous Finish Foundation
Since matte foundations are so opaque, I find that they are prone to streaking. And who doesn’t love glowing skin? It definitely fades a lot more naturally.

Calm the Contour
These darker and lighter spots need to stay in their designated places and if you can’t promise them that, let it go. Nothing will look messier than a smudged nose and cheek contour. Just keep a light hand with a matte powder bronzer and place it in the necessary places.

Cream blush & highlight
Keep a really light hand with these but using creams will keep you looking fresh and they will stay looking natural even when you’ve only got 20% of it left.

Stay away from dramatic shapes and pomades because…we can’t promise that they’ll both be there in the morning. And at that point you’re better with no brow filler than just one…Use a powder and angled brush on the sparse areas and cement down with a clear brow gel.

And you can always wash your makeup off and start again, so be sure to carry baby wipes in your purse and a little touch up kit. Don’t bring you’re entire makeup collection in your purse #highschoolhabits. As long as you look clean and like yourself you will always be beautiful. Whatever you’re doing, do it well!

Take Care For Now!


Leslie Cole is a professional Makeup Artists, Beauty Blogger, and Certified Meditation Teacher. Visit her online at LeslieCole.ca.

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