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My 2016 Goals

My 2016 Goals by Timmie Wanechko

Hey there, Lightworkers! How have the first two weeks of 2016 been for you? There was a lot of intense energy after last weekend’s New Moon in Capricorn, and I am definitely feeling it.


I ended 2015 feeling pretty exhausted… I had an amazing year with the launch of my Reiki business, but had pretty much ended the year feeling COMPLETELY drained – mind, body, and soul! But, I’m happy to report that things are getting looking up. Whew.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed reading fellow bloggers’ goals/intentions/themes for 2016, and I thought I would contribute to the well of goal-setting inspo. I’m a huge fan of goals with soul, and living proof that simply writing down your intentions is enough to manifest them into reality 🙂 Here’s what I plan on manifesting for myself in 2016:

Up My Fitness Game

Stay with me, don’t skip this one! I know, so cliche, but boy, do I never need this. Last year, I focused so much on building my business AND deepening my spiritual practice, which means lots and lots of time on my Mac writing new copy, tons of emails, designing new graphics, etc.

And of course, lots of Reiki, meditation, reading, energy practice, teaching workshops while seated, doing Reiki treatments while seated… All of which was a dream come true, but let’s face it – meditative practices don’t burn a lot of calories! Ha.

I did try, of course. I joined a specialized gym and got the workout of a lifetime, but unfortunately strained my hips and lower back in the process. In spite of modifications and good posture, it just didn’t work for me so I stopped going and didn’t renew. I won’t share the name of the gym, because I still think that they offer a great workout routine, and other people are getting amazing results. It just wasn’t for me.

Aside from that, the majority of my workouts consisted of what I was teaching, ie, Zumba, Barre, and Yoga. The Zumba and Barre were crazy, legit workouts, but at the rate of 2x/week, not enough to compensate for how sedentary my lifestyle had become.

So, what do I plan to do about it? Right now I’m exploring different home workouts. I’m a huge fan of Jessica Smith TV, Tone It Up, and Blogilates! I’ll let you know how it goes. PLUS, we adopted a puppy just before Christmas, and she has been forcing me off my butt and giving me an opportunity to get up and walk (er, sprint) and enjoy the fresh (frozen) air.

Meet Willow, our black Labrador Retriever pup, born October 7, 2015 (a day after my birthday!). You can follow her on Instagram @willowlab 😀

Willow Dec 20 2015

Take My Biz Online!

Last year was all about creating a strong foundation with in-person workshops and one-on-one private trainings. I’m still going to continue with that, of course, but I want to reach a global audience and give people what they’ve been asking for: ONLINE COURSES!

I don’t know about you, but much of my “success” is a product of implementing the strategies I learned from e-courses. I love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em, and it’s time for me give back.

Biz: More Awesome, Less Suck

Another biz (and life!) goal. Things are going well, and I want to keep on doing what I’m doing. However, I’m fully aware that I’ve been taking part in activities that really will not serve me in the long run. It’s going to be painful, but some things are just going to have to go, even if they look like really great opportunities… Sometimes, they just aren’t. And, even if they might be, if they don’t align with my core desired feelings and biz goals, then I have to have the strength to say no!

This goes for both my energy healing and fitness/yoga biz.

Write More. Blog More.

I’m a Writer. When I’m not writing, my brain gets clogged, leading to writer’s block, creating a horrific vicious cycle. I did a lot more journaling in 2015, which really showed me how essential it is to my mental health and creativity. My gratitude practice helped me to keep pen on paper daily.

I feel like my blog doesn’t even scrape the surface of all the ideas that I want to share. Part of this goal means blogging more frequently, but with more purpose and authenticity.

But, it’s not all about writing posts that are worth of being published! You have no idea how many drafts are sitting in the Cloud, never to see the light of day. That’s okay. The writing process allowed me to transform whatever I was feeling or thinking at the time, and was 1000% worth it.

Remember, what doesn’t get transformed, gets transmitted.

Plus, a little “secret” goal… 

If you’ve read this far, then you deserve to know a little secret… I’m going back to school. After I became an LPN, I got a scholarship to complete my Bachelor of Nursing degree, and then of course there was the big mess with the mass layoffs and me just not wanting to be a nurse anymore (not so messy actually, pretty damn straightforward).

Back then, I seriously considered switching from Nursing to Psych: I would pursue a BA in Psychology and get my Master’s in Counselling to be an RPsych. “Back then” was about 7 years ago, and if I had done it then, well, I might have been done by now (!!!). Lesson: the time is going to pass anyway, so there’s no better time to RESTART than now! I’ve already switched my program at AU and transcript evaluation is underway. For now, my plan is to complete my Counselling Certification, which will port into my BA, then eventually, my MCouns. I love AU, that school has always been there for me, regardless of what I had going on. Right now, it’s a busy family with young kids, a pup, and a biz. If it takes me until I’m 40, or beyond, I don’t care. I’m going to be 40 anyway, right?

So, there you have it. I would LOVE to hear your goals, let’s lift each other up!

Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

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