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Post-Workout Skin Care Tips

Post-Workout Skin Care Tips

You may have the fitness thing down, but if you’re not neglecting to take care of your skin properly after your workout, you’re missing out on a very important aspect of self-care!

After a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing workout that opens up your pores, your skin is highly susceptible to blackheads and breakouts. Especially once you begin taking advantage of all that a gym membership has to offer, you’ll find yourself handling equipment and fitness gear that others have recently touched.

And even though the equipment is cleaned regularly, it’s of utmost importance that you care for your skin after working out, ridding your pores of any dirt, grime, bacteria and, of course, sweat! Here are some tips for taking care for your skin post-workout.


Strip and shower as soon as possible

It’s essential to rinse off after exercising, and not just for the sake of everyone’s nostrils around you! If you remain in your gym clothes, the dirt and sweat on them will sit on your skin, successfully blocking your pores. And guess what that causes? Breakouts. If it’s impossible for you to shower right afterwards, at the very least be sure to rinse your body off and change into fresh clothes.

Be gentle while showering

The harder you scrub, the deeper the clean, right? Not quite! After all that motion and activity, your skin requires some sensitive handling.

Use a gentle shampoo and body wash, or even a simple bar of soap, and rub in light, circular motions across the skin. It’s also better to use a washcloth or mesh sponge like these from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

In fact, any product that can be tossed in with the wash is preferable to a loofah. Why? Because bacteria collects quickly on loofahs, and therefore they can actually cause breakouts rather than prevent them. Finally, hot water can be harsh on the body and will strip your skin of its natural oils. Use warm water so you won’t exit the shower feeling itchy and dry.

Use the right products

If you’re showering at the gym, be sure to pack the same products you use at home. Don’t skimp on skin care for the ease of travel size bottles! If your skin is used to a certain cleanser, it can be jarring to switch out of the blue. Likewise, it’s important not to use your body wash on your face – instead bring along your special face wash and moisturizer products.

Looking for the best type of cleanser for your skin type? If you suffer from “bacne”, opt for a body wash that contains salicylic acid. This not only combats breakouts, but also helps to lighten scarring. Neutrogena is a great choice, since it is so gentle on the skin.

And never underestimate the power of moisturizing! No matter what your skin type, it’s essential to replenish moisture to your skin, which gets dried out after exercising or swimming in chlorine. Use a light moisturizer for your face, and body lotion for the rest of you!

The neck and under the eyes are especially affected while working out; if these are trouble spots for you, a brand like Isomers from EVINE Live can help to improve these and other specific areas. If you have rosacea or sensitive skin, moisturizers with aloe vera or hibiscus are known to calm down redness and help prevent flare-ups.

Keep hydrated

Water isn’t just necessary during your workouts, but it’s essential afterwards as well. When you sweat, your body loses water as it tries to cool itself off. If you are thirsty or are experiencing muscle cramps, nausea, or heart palpitations while exercising, that’s a sign that you are dehydrated. Begin drinking water early on in the day, and don’t stop just because you’ve finished your fitness routine! Your skin needs water to keep its elasticity and brightness, so drinking water and staying hydrated is actually one of the best ways to care for it.

Hope you found these tips helpful! What are your secrets to keeping your face and body acne-free after a workout?

Stay fit, Sassies.

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