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{RECAP} Lolë White Tour – Edmonton, AB

Lole White Tour Recap - Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB 2014

What an amazing experience! On September 29, 2014, nearly 400 yoga enthusiasts, all dressed in white as a symbol of peace, united for the finale of the 2014 Lolë White Tour at the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA). Renowned yoga teacher Grace Dubery guided us through two yoga classes alongside a live string ensemble.

One of the many, awesome perks of being a Lolë Ambassador is being able to participate at events like this. I was so psyched to be one of the yoga teachers leading/demonstrating at the event!


From left to right:

Melany James, Owner of Soul Strength Fitness; Moi; Joanne Doré, Director + Owner of Hot Yoga Wellness; Grace Dubery, the belle of the ball; and Sheila Shorten, Owner of Yoga Central and Founder of the Edmonton Yoga Festival.

We were joined by many other Lolë Ambassadors/volunteers who represented the best of Edmonton’s yoga, fitness, nutrition, and wellness industry. It was an absolute blast connecting + networking with everyone, and I came away so inspired by the variety of talented professionals that Edmonton is home to.

The Art Gallery of Alberta is a magnificent space, and was so conducive to practicing yoga for the cultivation of peace.


My yoga “stage”, one of four placed throughout the entire first floor so that all the students had a live visual:


My view:


The music was beautiful and really set the tone! Hats off to our amazing orchestra:


Grace led us through a rejuvenating flow-style yoga sequence. I thought I would be exhausted having to do it twice, but it was such a lovely flow that I felt great throughout! Plus, the Lolë team fed us really well during our intermission 😉

All in all, participating at this event was definitely one of the coolest + funnest things I’ve ever done. I absolutely love volunteering at fitness events because you always get way more out of it than you expected.

I’m really proud to be affiliated with Lolë, which is more than just a clothing company – it’s a lifestyle brand which promotes total wellness for women. Definitely Sassy Wellness approved!

At the end of the second yoga session, one of the participants (who happened to be the owner of the presenting sponsor, Bio-K+) snapped this (very candid!) pic of me in meditation:


Haha… So that’s what I look like.

Thank you so much to Lolë and the ladies at the West Edmonton Mall Lolë Atelier for making this event possible and letting me be a part of it! Looking forward to next year.

I will end with Grace’s words on peace:

Peace is all around you.
Ask for it, and it’ll be yours.
Desire it with passion, and you’ll see it, find it, have it. Breathe in the air, the energy, and the love around you. Fill up on life. Fill up until you find peace, until you are peace.


Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

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