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Reiki 101 (What to Expect + My Story)

Reiki 101 - Edmonton Reiki

When I first discovered Reiki and energy therapy, I was still practicing as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Fresh from school, immersed in the “trenches”, and operating mostly from my hyperactive left brain, my natural bias towards evidenced-based practice – and nothing less – was loathe to tolerate the idea of any form of healing that could not be quantified and proven scientifically.

At the time, little did I know that nurses have their very own form of energetic healing, known as “Healing Touch”, and that there was such a thing as the American/Canadian Holistic Nurses Association! Wowza. Oh, and that I was living in the very city (Edmonton, Alberta) which is home to one of the most cited research studies on the benefits of Reiki for cancer patients (this study took place at the Cross Cancer Institute).

These facts, as well as the immense benefits of Reiki, materialized very quickly for me as I began my exploration of the healing art and (dare I say) science of Reiki. I no longer think of it as “hokum” and am now enjoying a wonderful career as a Reiki-preneur, offering Reiki workshops, energy healing sessions, and private trainings!

But how did this all come to be? How did my extremely critical, academic, nerdy brain wrap itself around the poster child of professional woo-woo? Let’s start with the basics, and then hopefully I can encourage you to do the same.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energetic healing in which the therapist/healer/practitioner channels energy into the patient, thereby balancing the patient’s energy, activating the self-healing response, and restoring physical and emotional wellness. “Reiki” is a Japanese word that can be roughly translated into “Universal Life Force Energy”.

My Story

I used to be the most unforgiving skeptic. When it came to any sort of energetic therapy or healing modality, I would think, “Well, people can spend their money on anything they like. At least they’re not buying cigarettes!”. It wasn’t until my aunt and one of my colleagues, both of whom I respect immensely, raved about Reiki treatments they had received. At the time, I was pregnant with my second son, and was suffering from immense anxiety and pregnancy-related joint pain.

Because so many medications and therapies are contraindicated in pregnancy, I decided to give energy healing a try. And even then, I waited until I could find a coupon – if I was going to risk my money, I wanted to make sure I didn’t pay full price!

Of course, almost a day after I decided that I would give Reiki and energy treatments a try, a coupon arrived in my inbox. Coincidence? I think not! Long story short, that energy treatment (the first one I ever received) was the most transformational experience of my life. As a yogi, I’ve done Savasana (Final Relaxation/Corpse Pose) countless times, and have almost fallen asleep. During the treatment, despite how immensely relaxed I felt, I remained alert, aware, and strangely focused.

I came out of the treatment feeling more calm, blissful, and peaceful than I ever felt. I decided that even if there was no scientific evidence for the curative effects of energy medicine, that at the very least it was worth it if only for it’s stress-releasing effects.

I’ve since spent many hours studying Reiki and other energetic treatments, including Crystal Healing, and will forever be a dedicated student of the energy healing arts.

Reiki has given me a non-medicinal, side-effect free way of managing my depression, and healing chronic aches and pains. Of course, I use Reiki in addition to, not instead of, conventional Western medicine.

What Reiki Can Do For You

Reiki will balance your chakras, creating balance and alignment in your body, mind, and soul. It can help bring you clarity, focus, and purpose. If you have aches and pains, it can help relieve them. Many people attest to Reiki’s curative effects, but I’m not going to make such claims here. However, if you do suffer from an illness, I would highly encourage you to explore Reiki as a complementary form of treatment.

At the very least, Reiki will CHILL YOU OUT. That, in and of itself, can be curative, especially if the disease in question is stress-induced.

What to Expect

A Reiki treatment is kind of like a massage, except rather than manipulating your muscles, the Reiki practitioner lightly lays their hands on or just over your body to transmit Reiki (life force energy) to you. The practitioner is the channel rather than the source.

You will be fully clothed, and either lying on a massage table or seated comfortably in a chair. Most professional Reiki practitioners carry liability insurance (but I recommend confirming this yourself).

I highly recommend that you give Reiki a try! Or, if you’re ready to take the plunge (no prerequisites required!) and learn how to practice Reiki for yourself and others, sign up for my next Reiki Certification workshop or apply for Private Training.

Over to you: have you ever experienced a Reiki/energetic healing? Share your experience in the comments below!

Love + Light,

Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

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