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{REVIEW} Bench Baddah Leggings

Bench Baddah Leggings Review

As you all know by now (through my previous reviews), I am a huge fan of Bench, and I am so happy to share that I am now a Bench Ambassador!

Every month throughout this Spring/Summer, I will be bringing you regular product reviews of Bench’s premium, urban lifestyle line. First up, we have the Bench Baddah Leggings!

Leggings are my everything, and when you work out for a living, you reach a point when you realize that, a) You can never have too many leggings, and b) The cheap ones only end up costing you more money (and embarrassing moments) in the long run.

I have two pairs of Baddah leggings: The Baddah Legging in Jet Black Marl, and the Baddah E Legging in Orion Blue Marl.


As far as brands go, trust me, I’ve tried them all – everything from cheapo to primo! These Bench Baddah Leggings are of amazing quality, i.e., NOT see-through and the fabric feels good, and hold up to any activity.

I’ve worn both these leggings for a variety of activities, including: Yoga, Barre, Zumba, kickboxing, and of course, running errands and chasing after kids. Also, bear in mind that most days I do a number of these activities back-to-back, so when I say that they wear well, I mean it!


PLEASE NOTE: Sizing Difference for Orion Blue Marl

Due to the fabric content, I bought these two leggings in different sizes. I’m usually a Small at Bench, and the Jet Black Marl leggings fit me perfectly in the Small. However, I found the Orion Blue Marl leggings to be a bit tighter, so I bought them in a Medium.

In fact, another customer wrote a review of the Orion Blue Marl leggings on the Bench website stating the exact same thing – she is also a Small, but found this particular legging to be tighter than usual. Ergo, if you’re going to be buying these online, I’d recommend buying the Orion Blue Marl leggings one size up from your usual. 

Honestly, despite the size differences, they fit exactly the same way – even in length! I’m very comfortable in both, and highly recommend them.

Click here for a detailed look + to purchase the Baddah Leggings in Jet Black Marl.

Click here for a detailed look + to purchase the Baddah E Leggings in Orion Blue Marl.

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Shine on, Sassy Girl . . .

Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

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