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{REVIEW} Bench Hoodies!

Bench Hoodies Review

I love my Bench hoodies! Even those it’s “summer” around these parts, the weather’s been really erratic, ranging from nice and warm, to freezing cold and hailing, or super windy and raining.

I have lots of hoodies, as you can imagine, but these are my first true “performance” hoodies. I wear them mostly as athletic cover-ups/warm-up tops for before and after classes, and of course, if I’m out for a fitness walk.

Up until now, I’ve resisted wearing performance/athletic wear while running errands; but I just can’t help it with these hoodies as they’re just so fab looking!


Like I mentioned, they’re truly performance-wear, so they wick away sweat and keep your temperature stable. They’re also very figure-flattering!

The Nolie B Zip Thru (gray) and the Cateyecool Sweat (blue) are tight, but leave enough give to be comfortable. The Manuve Sweat (pink) is a bit looser, but the shading of the fabric still gives the optical illusion of a nice hourglass waist.


And surprise – the pocket space is huge! Somehow the tight hoodies manage to hide my gargantuan keychain and iPhone while maintaining the sleekness, without making it look as though I’m pregnant with keys (!). You know what I mean.

The pricing is competitive with other high-end brands, and you could easily pay much more for possibly less quality, so I really think these are an amazing buy. Plus, right now, they’re on sale! Go check ’em out along with other new releases at Bench.ca.

It’s a good thing I’ve got three of them, because they’re officially a part of my “uniform”… What do you think? Share your thoughts!

Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

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