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{REVIEW} Bench Tops!

Bench Tops Review

Bench time! This month, I want to talk about their tops. Bench has a HUGE selection of tops, ranging from fitness and performance wear, to sassy, stylish street wear.

Why I Love Them + Why You Will Too

I have a number of Bench tops, and here’s what they all have in common (and why I love them so much!):

  • They’re long. Not too long, mind, but long enough that you don’t worry about how far your jeans fall when you bend over. They ruche nicely around the bottom so you can “adjust” the length as you need.
  • They’re hourglass shaped, but they’re not too tight around the waist. I love this! All of their tops, from their casual tanks, fancy boat necks, and athletic shirts seem to be form-fitting around the chest, narrower BUT loose around the waist, and wider at the bottom. Super, super forgiving tops, no matter how bloated you feel. And your waist still looks cinched! Great mommy tops 😉
  • They damn good. Awesome fabric, prints, and draping. Can’t be beat.

I want to highlight their Lula Short Slv Top and Flyor SS Graphic Top. I also have their Indefinite Graphic Vests in a variety of colours and prints!

lulahtop flyorgraphicteeindefinitegraphicvesttop

A note about the Flyor SS Graphic Top: If you haven’t noticed, that’s what I’m wearing in my header and sidebar pics! I loved the top so much (leggings in the header pic are also by Bench) that I decided to wear it in my amateur photoshoot for my online marketing 🙂

Check out the rest of the Bench collection online at Bench.ca!

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