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Sweat Like a Goddess! (All About Bellyfit)

Bellyfit Classes in Edmonton and St. Albert

Do you wish there was a workout where you could DANCE, feel SEXY, and tap into your Divine Goddess energy? A workout that incorporated cardio + strength + Yoga? Well, there is! It’s called Bellyfit® and I am SO excited to be offering this class in Edmonton and St. Albert. Read on to learn all about this amazing workout! (Check out my class schedule here.)


What to Expect in Class

As a licensed Bellyfit instructor, I’ve been trained to offer a seamless 7 section journey that will leave you feeling strong, sexy, sacred and certainly sweaty! The first 30 minutes of your journey will begin with a brief standing meditation and move straight into your warmup and cardio sections. The second 30 mins will be your cooldown, core and Yoga inspired stretch sections and the whole 60 mins will be woven together with a soundtrack of the very best DJ Mixed, ethno-electronic dance music and meditation tracks available in the industry.

Wear: Comfy clothes and runners

Bring: A yoga mat and water bottle

My Bellyfit Story

I enjoyed my Bellyfit training so much, I took it twice! Actually, technically three times 🙂 The first two times were in 2011 (pregnant!) and 2012 at a Live Training in Edmonton, and I’m currently refreshing my knowledge with their online training.

One thing I know for sure is that Bellyfit (and my amazing Master Trainer) stirred up my innate Goddess energy… Bellyfit is definitely a unique workout, incorporating Body, Mind, AND a huge dose of SOUL, and at first glance I didn’t think I’d be so into it, but Holy Hera, I was. Bellyfit opened the floodgates, and I’m certain that if not for this program, I wouldn’t have been encouraged to dive deeper into my spirituality and I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Plus, it’s just the most amazing total-body workout, I get to dance, and it feels so much better (safer) on my joints and body in general.

Movement – Strong. Sexy. Sacred.

For women only, Bellyfit® classes are intelligently designed to give you the full body workout you need, the mental calm you deserve and the spiritual connection you crave.

Each class is inspired by 3 main movement practices:

  1. Fitness = familiarity and effectiveness
  2. Dance (African, Indian and Belly Dance) = FUN!
  3. Yoga = spiritual connection +breath/alignment

Music – Beyond the physical, into the heart + soul!

The music used in a Bellyfit® class is unlike anything you will ever hear in another fitness class. Just as the choreography for Bellyfit® is inspired by many cultural elements, ancient and modern, so is the Bellyfit® music.The music we choose is definitely NOT your typical aerobics top-40 mashup cover music. We choose music that is richly layered, containing organic, tribal drums, beautiful melodies and inspiring meditative soundscapes. Bellyfit® music combines these organic and soul-filled elements for a sonic journey that is guaranteed to move you! By the end of the class you’ll be wondering where YOU too can get your hands on these tracks!

Community – More than a class, this is a gathering

When women come together ~ healing happens.

When women come together in a non-competitive, inspiring, inclusive, women-only fitness class environment ~ empowerment and transformation happens! Over the years, we have seen our Bellyfit® Instructors build strong communities of like-minded yet diverse, motivated, inspiring women who develop lasting friendships, all rooted in their Bellyfit® class experience and perspective. This kind of support and sisterhood offer benefits not only to the individual women, it spirals much wider and has a positive effect on the family, the community and the planet!  We’re very proud of our global Bellyfit® Community and are in awe of how it is growing and blossoming beyond age, race, faith and borders! Together, women can truly heal the planet, and we must begin within.  Strong women. Strong World.

Culture – United we are one

Within every culture on this planet is a set of rituals and traditions expressed through dance. These rituals and traditions allow us to celebrate and honour the turning points that tell the story of where we came from, where we are and where we’re going.  DANCE is built into our DNA, but many of us have lost the connection to this ancient rite. It’s time we find it again…and through this connection to ourselves and each other, we realize that we are all of the same Source, we are all one and we must reunite if we are to find peace on this planet. Women will lead the way in this remembrance back to dance, back to the body, back to peace, back to Source. Bellyfit® is here to help pave the way. We’re honoured you could join us. Let’s get moving shall we? Click here to learn more about Bellyfit!


If you’re in the area, be sure to check out one of my classes! I’m going to be adding more to my schedule, so be sure to check out the updated schedule regularly.

Stay strong,

Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

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